At Choral Technologies, we work behind the scenes to help the world communicate faster, better and more often. Some of the world's leading communication companies have used our solutions on the latest communication technologies. As new communication services are introduced in the market, Choral provides the solution strategy for improving the service quality. We pride ourselves as the experts on next-generation networks, services and mobile devices.

Network Management
Today's networks comprise of multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-generation devices and systems. This raises the issue of inter-operability of many-to-many devices/systems. EMSs from multiple vendors may need to work with one NMS.
Service Management
Choral Technologies' Network Management Framework is a service enabler addressing the joint issues of revenue costs and time-to-market pressures. A lightweight package, this framework provides Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security management functionality.
Mobile Application
Choral Technologies' mature protocol development processes ensure your products achieve the best levels of quality and performance. Our extensive library of test cases for wireless protocols helps you explore new 3G avenues while deploying your internal resources more effectively.

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